My Festival Experience

I’ve always been into music for as long as I can remember, and my music taste is extremely varied anything from heavy metal to the stuff that’s in the charts today. Since first seeing a music festival on TV I’ve always wanted to go, and once summer I’m determined to do Slamdunk, Download, Reading/Leeds, but for that you need quite a lot of money which is something I don’t have right now so for now that will have to wait. But I finally got the chance to go to one this year, it wasn’t a well known festival but still had over 10,000 people there, it wasn’t too far from me and lucky for me I got pretty good weather the whole weekend. I went with a big group of people, bare in mind I only knew one of them and considering how shy I am that was a big push for me, but I did it and I survived it so that’s something to be proud of, yeah by the end of the weekend I was getting really fed up of being told “You’re so quite” and if one more person had said it to me I swear to god, I just wish I could get it through to people how hard it is, obviously I’m going to be quite if I’ve just met you, that’s just me, I’m not good at conversations and sometimes muddle my words up so it just makes me want to stay quite incase I do something stupid.

Anyway onto the festival, I had such an amazing time and the people I spent the weekend with turned out to be such amazing people who I’d love to see again and hopefully will be doing because I’ve been invited to go their again. The festival had some unknown just starting out acts as well as a lot of tribute bands such as a Queen tribute band and Green Day, they were defiantly my favourite alongside my friends band, I felt so proud seeing him play in that tent in front of everyone, I felt so happy for him and his bandmate and I just know one day they’re going to go far, the both of them are so talented and I hope I’m there every step of the way so I can support him.  Yes, I may have been drunk for the majority of the weekend but can you blame me, it’s a festival duh and at least me and my friend will be prepared for next year, considering me and him and pretty tall, a two man tent does not in fact fit two people comfortably, on the plus side at least we were warm.

What sort of music do you enjoy? Have you been to any festival’s?

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Charlotte x


3 thoughts on “My Festival Experience

  1. Great read, nothing wrong with being shy at all.. I go to Download every year, it’s such a great time and I always find a way to scrape some money together to go to it. Reading/leeds is a festival I want to try out next but Download drains my account so it’s a little hard. I wrote about my experience at Download on my blog, hope you can check it out and share it. Gonna give this a share for any other festival goers out there.


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