Go to make-up products

So I haven’t had much inspiration or time for my blog lately because as soon as I’m finished with work I feel so unmotivated and never have the energy to grab my laptop and plan something to post, but today that’s stopping because I realise if I can never be bothered to do anything after work I’ll never get anything done.

I really struggle to find a foundation to match my skin colour as most are too pale and then the rest seem to be too dark but the Nars Flawless Skin foundation in Deauville seems to be perfect give or take, I wouldn’t say I’m any good at make-up so I just stick to the basics when it comes to my eyes, I normal go for a nude shade or smoky brown using my Naked 2 palette and my signature winged liner, I very rarely wear mascara or false lashes unless I’m going on a night out or somewhere formal but my go to lashes are Allure Lashes which you can get in superdrug and my go to mascara would have to be Maybelline lash sensational because it actually lifts and curls my lashes to make it appear that they’re actually there. For concealer I normal use my Rimmel Wake Me Up in the lightest shade, which covers enough for me, yet I’m still to find a concealer that will actually cover my dark circles so if you know one please let me know! As for bronzer and highlight I am obsessed with the ABH glow kit at the moment, it’s so pretty! I rarely wear anything on my lips but when I do it’s normal nude or occasionally a red.

Sorry for the quality of this post, I just rushed this up quickly to have something to post, but from now on I am planning my posts and posting better quality. What would you guys like to see?

Charlotte x


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