My sort-of fitness routine

So I’ve always been quite lucky with my weight as I’m pretty tall and my metabolism is good, so I never really felt the need to workout until I was around 16 and felt low all the time, I lacked energy and always felt off and I wasn’t happy with the way my body looked so I decided to do something about it and as soon as I started working out I noticed a difference in my energy and mood, so I guess when they say exercise releases mood lifting hormones it’s true. I’ve been working out for around 2-3 years now but honestly I struggle to stay committed some days I’ll workout up to six times a week other times maybe only two or three. I tend to become un-motivated quite quickly and I’m not too good at the whole healthy eating thing since I’m still living at home so I don’t really get to pick often what we eat not that that’s an excuse because it really shouldn’t be, but I just cannot say goodbye to my Chinese take-aways, chocolates and crisps.

I work more on weights than cardio since I don’t actual want to lose weight if anything I need to put it, but where I’ve seen most difference is defiantly my lower body, and I’m going to keep pushing and actually become motivated and stick to a good diet and workout regime so once I’ve done all that I’ll be sure to get back to you guys and let you know how I’m doing because this is in no way a very good fitness routine!

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Charlotte X


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