It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

So it’s officially okay to start doing anything related to Christmas since it’s finally December 1st, here I am sat here with my Christmas playlist playing away on Spotify joyfully singing along as I hunt for some last minute Christmas presents for people..I thought I would share some of my tips for Christmas shopping for people in-case some of you are a little bit stuck.

Gift Idea’s for him:

  • What’s his favourite band or singer or actor? Find out and then wether it be on amazon or somewhere else type in the name he has given you and signed poster and you could get him a framed and signed poster.
  • Does he enjoy sports, especially football? A new pair of football boots could be the way to go or if that’s too steep..Tickets to his favourite teams match.
  • Does he enjoy working out but can’t afford it? Well if you have enough money why not treat him to a months gym membership.
  • If you’re really a bit tight on money this time of the year then why not make it personal and make something from the heart, they may not act like they like it but deep down I know they will and they’ll keep in close for a long time.

Gift Idea’s for her:

  • Best idea for a girl is to make it personal, I personally would love something with a lot of thought gone into it like a scrapbook with places we’ve been or pictures of us in or even an engraved necklace or piece of jewelry would go down a treat.
  • Just like the idea for him, what’s her favourite actor/band or singer? Hop over to amazon and buy something signed by them if available.
  • If you’re from the UK they have some very good gift sets from the likes of Ted Baker and Jack Wills in Boots which are affordable but will go down a treat for sure because what girl doesn’t enjoy getting a new perfume or body spray to have on hand in her bag whenever she needs it.
  • And why not even you’ve got a fair bit to spare take her away somewhere for the weekend, this could apply to gifts for him too.

I’m feeling even more festive now a have a tiny tree up in my room, which makes the room feel even cosier at night when it’s lights are twinkling away. I hope you all have a wonderful December, and enjoy your Christmas’..Hopefully I’ll have another blog post before it’s Christmas but if not then Merry Christmas!img_0818

Charlotte X


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