17 things 2017 taught me

Hi again..

Well it has certainly been a while since I last used my blog but here we are again..Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and have had a good start to 2018.

2017 you were good and awful to me but you taught me so much and made me grow so much as a person, here are 17 things 2017 taught me.

  1. No matter how dark times get they will always get better, even if it takes a long time.
  2. You feel so much better about yourself if you start to learn to love yourself.
  3. Travel is good for the soul.
  4. Appreciate your loved ones because you never know when will be the last time you see them.
  5. Be kind.
  6. Do things because you want too not because someone else wants you to do them.
  7. Don’t overthink or worry so much, most of the time you’re doing just fine.
  8. Don’t rush things, most of the best things can take time.
  9. Forgive yourself.
  10. Follow your gut, most of the time your gut is right.
  11. Self love isn’t selfish.
  12. It’s okay to not be okay.
  13. Open up more, don’t create walls and push people away. Talking helps, a lot.
  14. If you want to quit a job, or start something new..Just do it, don’t listen to what other people have to say. If it make’s you happy then do it.
  15. You’re a hell of a lot stronger than you think.
  16. Don’t be afraid of the unknown, some of the best things come when we push past the fear.
  17. Live in the moment, take pictures everyday, take time away from your phone and laptop, go outside, breathe in the fresh air, feel, love, live.

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