Thirty Seconds To Mars gig

On the 29th of March, me, my boyfriend, our friends all went to see 30STM play at Arena Birmingham. We started off the day by catching the 11:18 train to Birmingham, arriving just before 12:30. Firstly we checked into the Pentahotel (honestly one of the nicest hotels I’ve stayed in) before heading to the Bullring to do some shopping and grab some food..All the while saying how much we wished we’d get pulled up on stage tonight, and how amazing it would be.

7pm rolled around and we walked to the arena to meet up with everyone and finally get to watch the gig, we grabbed some drinks and patiently waited as Monolith began to play. I can honestly say it was one of the best gigs I’ve been to not only was the music great but the show they put on was to! My boyfriend even managed to be called up onto the stage by Jared Leto “Hey, you in the jacket get up here” I’ve honestly never seen him look so happy and it made me happy just seeing him, he’s loved 30STM for years so that was a once in a lifetime dream for him which I’m sure he’ll cherish forever.

(if you want to see any videos or photos head to my insta charleyemily_)

Until next time,

Charlotte X


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