Favourite Books

I’ve always loved reading for as long as I remember, sure I have months where I don’t read anything or months where I read 5 books but these are the books/series I always go back to no matter what. There are more books I love but if I went through all the books we’d be here all day.

  • Harry Potter

C’mon what book lover doesn’t love these books, I remember reading these as I child and falling in love, I was so determined I was a witch and I was going to get my letter that I actually cried when my 11th birthday came around and I didn’t have a letter.

  • How to be bad & We were liars

I only just picked up these books last month and read them both within a day apart from being really well written they have so many plot twists and you never know what’s coming which is something I love.

  • Love Letters To The Dead

I was absolutely obsessed with this book when I first got it, I literally could not put it down, it’s so thrilling, yes parts are sad but I’m a sucker for sad books.

  • All The Bright Places

God this book has you in pieces that’s all I’m saying.

  • What I couldn’t tell you

Amazing and thrilling, no more words needed.

  • Delirium

This has to be one of my favourite book series ever, it literally has you going through all the emotions in the world.

  • Eleanor & Park

I honestly didn’t think I’d like this book much when I brought it, but I couldn’t of been more wrong, it may not have ended the way I wanted it to but still what a great book.

So how’s this for a first blog post? I’m thinking of posting my make-up favourites next or maybe something to do with my working routine. If you want to talk feel free to message me on any of my social media.

Charlotte X


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