So I finally saw Suicide Squad..

After being excited for this film since I heard it was announced, and getting even more excited and interested after seeing who had been cast, it’s safe to say it took me a long time to actually get to the cinema and watch it. Now I actually really enjoyed the film, I wouldn’t say I was disappointed I just thought it seemed very pieced together like it didn’t really flow properly, I think what probably happened is that shot so much and then had to edit it down so much to make it the normal viewing time of a film, and in doing that maybe cut at bits we needed to see for editings and timings sake. It’s safe to say the trailer really isn’t anything to go on because characters that are hardly shown in the trailer end up being characters the film is based around, and characters shown in the trailer aren’t in it as much as I would’ve liked them to be. This probably isn’t a very popular opinion but I believe they saw how much of a success Deadpool was with it’s funny comments and chartoonish bits and tried to play of that a bit and to a point I think it worked. I know this films are completely different and I love both of them so much, but I don’t know I just got that vibe.

Anyway, to sum things up I enjoyed the film, but thought maybe it was a little too condensed down. Safe to say Jared Leto as the Joker was an amazing choice, yes I found him a little too creepy in places but then again, that’s what the jokers like so who am I to complain?

What did you guys think of the film?

Charlotte x


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